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You need it. We have it.

Do you need parts you can rely on for your domestic or foreign car, van, SUV or truck ? 


Call M-45 for whatever parts you need:

Our inventory is second to none. We carry a wide range of new and used parts with thousands in stock. If we don't have the parts you need, we are happy to help you navigate our nationwide network to locate what you want and get it to you quickly.


Our vast inventory includes, but is not limited to:

  • Engines and components

  • Electrical parts

  • Radiators

  • Body parts

  • Rear ends

  • Transmissions – used and rebuilt


Take a tour of our online inventory 

Visit us online or in person today. Taking our online tour will help you make decisions on:

Appropriate parts for your vehicles

Repairs and replacements

Options for rebuilding


At M-45 Auto Parts, we're here to help you with all your automotive needs from parts to rebuilt transmissions, or used vehicles to salvaging your unusable cars, vans, trucks or SUVs. We can help you;


Provide the experience and expertise you need.


Make your vehicle seem like new again!



Scrolling through our inventory can help you make decisions for your vehicle.


Quick Service. Satisfaction Guaranteed. 616-842-0213 | Toll Free: 800-214-2472

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