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You need it. We have it.

Are you looking for a high quality used car, van, truck or SUV ? 


Call M-45 for your best deal:

All of our used vehicles are safety-checked, inspected and ready to drive. Our prices are reasonable, often less than you'd pay at a used car lot. Any parts we replaced are guaranteed, so you can count on us for the best deals and most reliable transportation.


Check out our ever-changing inventory.


At M-45 Auto Parts, you’ll find exactly what you want in a used vehicle. With the quick turnover in our inventory, we're your best choice for:


Rebuild-able and repairable vehicles

Any parts you need for your rebuild project

Good advice from a staff that knows vehicles inside and out


Whether you want a reliable auto, van, SUV or truck, or you just need a few components, motors, radiators, transmissions, body parts, etc., call on us. We'll have it – or you can get it through our nationwide parts locating network.


Sell your damaged or unusable vehicles to us.

If you have an unused or unusable vehicle that you want to get rid of, let us take it off your hands. We' ll give you an estimate of its value, buy it from you at an honest price and tow it to M-45 if needed.


Check out our used cars, trucks, SUVs or vans before you go to a used car lot.


Quick Service. Satisfaction Guaranteed. 616-842-0213 | Toll Free: 800-214-2472

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